Maximize your project and portfolio performance

Smartsheet connects strategy to work by empowering anyone to build and scale projects efficiently. Plan, align, implement, and scale projects, programs, and portfolios to deliver results faster.

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  • Eliminate process inefficiencies, manual follow-up, and guesswork on outcomes with real-time visibility, data triage, and accurate reporting. Achieve incremental value, faster project implementation, and scale with speed across your portfolios.

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  • Strike the right balance between top-down and bottom-up portfolio management approaches. Achieve project consistency by standardizing processes without sacrificing end-user experience and user-driven innovation.

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    Smartsheet offers low-code/no-code integration and connectivity with many of the applications your team uses today –  Slack, Google Workspace, Jira, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft 365. Bring all your information and context onto a single platform to improve data analytics and decision-making. Whatever work you do, use Smartsheet to deliver it with greater efficiency.

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saved through process efficiency

Sutherland automates and streamlines processes  with Smartsheet to realize significant cost savings.


reduction in process time

Uber achieves warp-speed development by consolidating planning, execution, and reporting on Smartsheet.


person-hours saved a year

Special Olympics uses automation and templates to spin up new projects faster and achieve greater efficiencies.

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Smartsheet for PPM is a flexible, collaborative platform that allows operational leaders to create replicable project management frameworks, while empowering project teams to be more nimble, creative, and efficient.
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  • Align company goals with skills, capacity, and budget to focus on high-impact work. Engage and rally your teams behind key objectives. Leverage an adaptive platform that helps pivot portfolio priorities to meet changing business needs.

  • WorkApps Template Preview

    Use the Smartsheet multi-tier intake process to gather requests and create hierarchical relationships between projects and programs. Streamline demand and balance this with in-flight projects to achieve control and visibility.

  • Lodestar Template Project Task Board

    Right-size your portfolios by aligning them to business objectives. Use prioritization matrices with your own selection and weighting criteria to identify alignment discrepancies between goals and execution. Ensure portfolio success by delivering demonstrable value, from the task level up to programs and portfolios.

  • Lodestar Product Screens Resource Management Capacity View

    Plan your resources by role, department, team, and skill. Track workload to get full visibility on resource allocation. Roll up the overall effort required by project, program, or portfolio. Plan ahead, optimize resources, and avoid project risks.

  • Lodestar Solutions Energy Utilities

    Automate project creation with  blueprints and scale them effortlessly. Empower teams to adopt a methodology of their choice  – agile, waterfall, or hybrid. Allocate resources, manage budgets, and execute projects with a collaborative platform.

  • Control Center Portfolio Visibility Dashboard

    Aggregate data, visualize, and report on portfolios with easy-to-configure, widget-based views. Automatically add data from new projects to your portfolio reports and dashboards. Benchmark performance against goals to accurately estimate value.

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Strategic planning

Create a single source for teams to define, discuss, and view overall strategy.

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Project intake

Track consulting projects, view project status, get notified when new projects are submitted and get an overall view of all of your current consulting projects.

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Business budget management

The Business Budget Management template set helps you track monthly actuals against budget goals so you can tightly manage your financial performance and ensure your business stay on track.

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Project schedule management

Quickly evaluate the health of any project. Update project schedules, status, task ownership, and track overall project conditions in real time with the easy-to-use dashboard and reports.

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Project Management Office

The project management office template set provides a streamlined way for organizations to track and approve new projects while seeing key metrics across all projects in real time.

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