Delivery Hero uses Smartsheet to enhance visibility and organisational efficiency

With Smartsheet, teams across Delivery Hero have embraced a comprehensive solution for collaboration, helping them to improve reporting and power cultural transformation.

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Enhancing Visibility and Organisional Efficiency

With Smartsheet, teams across Delivery Hero have embraced a comprehensive solution for collaboration, helping them to improve reporting and power cultural transformation.

"When you’re responsible for managing complex projects, the right tools are crucial. For me, that’s Smartsheet. I use the platform across every aspect of my role, from running projects and compiling reports for senior stakeholders, to organising virtual team events and hosting global training sessions for colleagues. It also helps our people make significant weekly time savings; one team reports an impressive 25% time reduction on routine weekly tasks since implementing the platform. With Smartsheet, there’s nothing we can’t achieve."

Tomasz Kowalski

Senior Project Manager at Delivery Hero

At any given moment, Delivery Hero has a number of exciting, innovative and challenging projects underway. The business has traditionally used an array of disparate project management solutions (or even no solution at all) to handle this, to varying effect. This was contributing to issues including overly-manual processes, the need to constantly chase colleagues for updates, and limited visibility over project status. Meanwhile, reporting to senior stakeholders was an unwieldy, time-consuming, and sometimes inaccurate process which varied from month to month.

When Senior Project Manager Tomasz Kowalski joined the team, he wanted a comprehensive platform to power up his team’s work management capabilities and improve reporting to stakeholders. From his past experience with Smartsheet, it was immediately his solution of choice.

"In my view, Smartsheet can significantly contribute to the growth of a company,” Tomasz Kowalski comments. “As an experienced project manager, I’ve used multiple tools through my career – and I’m confident that Smartsheet is the platform with the right mix of capabilities, integrations, and possibilities to really change and accelerate both my own work, and the success of my team and wider business."

Smartsheet was already being used in a limited capacity throughout the business, but Tomasz Kowalski was keen to scale this up. To accelerate the speed at which Delivery Hero was able to reap the maximum value from using the platform, the team decided to collaborate with Agile Management Experts (AMX), a Smartsheet Platinum Partner based in Europe. “AMX was able to consider our current use of the platform, provide customised training, and make in-person visits to implement structures that would optimise our use of Smartsheet,” Tomasz Kowalski says.

“We’re delighted to have worked with Delivery Hero to really unlock the potential of Smartsheet within the business, and are excited to work with the team moving forward to keep achieving more,” adds Sebastian Paasch, managing director at AMX.

Now, employees at Delivery Hero are empowered to work smarter and more efficiently, with a work management platform that actively facilitates dynamic work, drives growth, and integrates effectively with key applications already in use, like Slack. Time savings have been delivered across the business. Tomasz Kowalski calculates that, by consolidating the task of project and status reporting from PowerPoint and Google Sheets into Smartsheet, his team has saved an average of four hours a week – enabling them to focus on value-adding tasks and growing the business.

Meanwhile, Delivery Hero’s Global Senior Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Babak Mohtachemi, reports that: “Our new Roadmap Plan and C-suite reporting dashboard, created through Smartsheet, generates a 25% weekly time saving. Smartsheet also empowers me to collaborate with GRC managers from around the world more efficiently, saving me 35% time per month on average, which is a fantastic outcome.”

However, use cases have gone far beyond simply managing work effectively: for example, Smartsheet has been used to improve and centralise payroll processes, drawing together disparate information from different entities to feed into a single source for analysis. It has even been innovatively used to improve team culture, from company societies to socialising – which is increasingly important for remote teams during current events. Overall, Smartsheet has become an immensely valuable tool across the organisation, facilitating several key benefits. 


Better visibility, smarter reporting:

For a large organisation like Delivery Hero, widespread visibility and efficient reporting is key. At the team level, Smartsheet empowers employees to track the status of ongoing tasks and projects effectively, no matter their complexity, with timed reminders and colour-coded flags when potential issues arise. This saves valuable hours, makes work management easier and less stressful, and helps ensure that every project runs to plan.

Smartsheet has also transformed reporting. Before, reporting to senior stakeholders was a time-intensive, manual process. Now, Delivery Hero employees can present semi-automated dashboards that are simultaneously simple and quick to create, but also give teams the freedom to edit with ease – ensuring they can highlight key wins and milestone achievements. For example, the CMO now has oversight of an advanced, automated dashboard which compiles key information about projects, milestones, and achievements in short, a significant improvement on how reporting functioned previously.

A comprehensive solution:

Smartsheet offers an all-in-one solution with the power to handle complex requirements, but is flexible enough to meet Delivery Hero’s varied requirements. The platform has proven its worth in departments across the business, continually adapting to answer the needs of Delivery Hero’s employees, no matter their role or ambitions. The Office Management Team, for example, has integrated all of its management tasks into Smartsheet, and has calculated that these used to take at least 25% longer when handled in G Suite.

Along with facilitating impressive time savings, the platform integrates seamlessly with essential applications like Slack. This simplifies work and makes communicating across platforms effortless. Meanwhile, the mobile application allows employees to keep track of tasks on the go.

Cultural and team transformation:

With Tomasz Kowalski leading the way, Smartsheet has become an integral tool at Delivery Hero. The appetite for learning about Smartsheet capabilities is such that Tomasz Kowalski now hosts expertly-designed global Smartsheet training on a quarterly basis, ensuring that all staff have access to resources that can help them work dynamically, gain visibility, and maximise day-to-day performance. Tomasz Kowalski has developed an extensive curriculum that can be delivered remotely, sharing his expertise with the wider company to make sure every employee of Delivery Hero can optimise their usage of the platform. The more employees use Smartsheet across departments, the more value is realised and Tomasz Kowalski looks forward to helping many more colleagues unlock the potential of Smartsheet.

Elsewhere, Smartsheet has been used as a powerful tool for nurturing company culture. For example, Delivery Hero’s LGBTQ+ group, Proud Heroes, relies on Smartsheet to plan meetings, keep track of budgets, share information, and connect colleagues to each other in a welcoming community. In another fantastic example of how Smartsheet is used to nurture company culture, Smartsheet has been used to plan, host, and enjoy a team pub quiz during the COVID-19 pandemic, with templates available for other teams across the business to replicate the fun for themselves.

Ultimately, Smartsheet has played a fundamental role in helping Delivery Hero streamline its business, improve work management, power up visibility, and create real value across the organisation. With more and more colleagues across the organisation embracing the platform, Delivery Hero looks forward to continually pushing forward with bigger and better-run projects.

Contest-winning template:

Kowalski was awarded as a bonus winner in Smartsheet’s ENGAGE’22 Template Contest, which awards solutions that have empowered the workplace in a simple and effective way. His PopQuiz solution is a team-based trivia game created entirely in Smartsheet. In the age of remote work, this PopQuiz solution helps boost team morale and gamify work. “It was such a success in our department that it has been replicated in others and used to entertain & integrate employees,” Tomasz Kowalski says.  Kowalski converted his PopQuiz solution into a template, now available for users to download in the Smartsheet Template Gallery.

Click here to download Kowalski's template and share it with your team

Preview of Kowalski's PopQuiz template