Project Management Templates

Starting a new project, whether as a certified project manager or not, can be overwhelming. That’s why it may be helpful to leverage a pre-built template to quickly get your project up and running. Finding the right project management template means assessing the type, size, and complexity of your project and looking for one that will help bring the most transparency, efficiency, collaboration, and speed to your projects.

But with all the template options out there, how do you know which one will work best for you? Below you’ll find a list of project management templates in Smartsheet, a cloud-based work execution platform that project managers around the world use to successfully deliver projects. To be even more helpful, we’ve also included a comprehensive list of articles that have templates in other platforms for the various aspects of your project planning and execution.

Project Planning & Execution Templates

Project with Hard Deadline & Gantt: Deliver projects on time with a workback schedule from your final deadline. Define start and end dates for each task, set automatic alerts for upcoming deadlines, and see delivery dates update in real time as changes are made to the schedule.

Project with Deadline and Gantt Chart template


Project Task List: Plan and manage your project task lists in this real-time template. Increase visibility and accountability by sharing it with internal and external stakeholders. Track status and identify at-risk tasks to take immediate action.

Project Task List template


Team Project Task Board: View and track tasks across your team with this online Kanban card board template. Visualize project tasks by assignee, status, or feature type, share with key stakeholders, and quickly identify resource gaps so you can  delegate tasks and balance workloads.

Team Project Task Board


Project with Resource Management: Use this template to plan and manage your projects with a real-time view into task assignments across your resources. Quickly determine over- or under-allocations and make adjustments before your project timeline is impacted.

Project with Resource Management template


Want more project planning templates? Visit the Smartsheet Solution Center to get the complete list.

Project Budgeting Templates

Project with Gantt & Budget Variance: Plan, track, and visualize project tasks in context with budget amounts and variance. Monitor budget variance in real time to adjust spend and ensure projects stay on track. Share with key stakeholders to keep them informed of the project’s budget status.

Project with Gantt & Budget Variance


Project Budget: Use this template to track budgeted and actual project expenses in one real-time location. Save time with automated approvals for new items or budget changes, and centralize supporting documents to keep all the details in context and maintain visibility.

Project Budget

Gantt Chart Templates

Project with Gantt Timeline: Create your project plan and then track the impact of changes on a visual timeline. Organize tasks and projects in manageable action items, quickly identify and address at-risk tasks, and see your timeline automatically update as changes are made.

Project with Gantt Timeline template


Project with Gantt & Dependencies: Plan, track, and manage every aspect of your project with a visual, interactive timeline. Attach supporting documents to keep details in context and identify the impact of task delays to rapidly recover from setbacks. Monitor your project in real time and share project status among key stakeholders.

Project with Gantt Dependencies

Agile Project Management Templates

Agile Project with Gantt: With our pre-built Agile Project with Gantt template, you can plan, track, and visualize all aspects of your Agile project with an interactive timeline. Share your project plan with internal and external stakeholders, and quickly identify the impact of task delays to keep your project on track.

Agile Project with Gantt template


Sprint Planning Board: Plan, manage, and visualize sprint tasks on an online, real-time Kanban card board. Organize your card board by task ownership or status, and share it with your team and key stakeholders to increase visibility and accountability.

Sprint Planning Board template

Construction Templates

Construction Schedule with Gantt: With this real-time construction schedule template, you can plan, track, and visualize construction projects on an interactive timeline. Share with clients and subcontractors to increase transparency, and make updates right from the construction site using the Smartsheet mobile app. See your schedules automatically adjust as changes are made.

Construction Schedule with Gantt template


Construction Budget: Plan and manage construction tasks in context with budget amounts and variance. Monitor budgets and set alerts for when items are at risk in order to adjust spend and ensure projects stay on budget. Attach invoices and estimates within your budget to create a single source of truth.

Construction Budget template


Construction Estimator: Use this template to create a detailed cost estimate for any type of construction project. Centralize supporting documents, proposals, and correspondence in one real-time location. Share estimates with clients and subcontractors to collaborate, review, and approve them.

Construction Estimator template


Subcontractor Documentation: Keep track of subcontractor documentation throughout the life of your projects in one real-time location. Set due dates and check off documents once they are received to provide a clear view of outstanding items. Share the tracker with subcontractors and set automated update requests to streamline the submittal process.

Subcontractor Documentation template

Marketing Templates

Website Project with Gantt & Dependencies: Use this real-time template to plan and track tasks throughout each phase of your web project. Visualize tasks, due dates, and milestones on an interactive Gantt chart timeline, and see your timeline automatically adjust as changes are made. Keep wireframes and client email in one centralized location, accessible to all.

Website Project with Gantt & Dependencies


Event Plan & Budget: Ensure events are delivered on time and within budget with this real-time, collaborative event planner template. Organize tasks, assign owners, forecast budgets, and attach documentation to keep details in context. Share with your team so they can access key information right from the event floor via their mobile device.

Event Plan & Budget template


Event Task List with Gantt & Budget: With this event task list template, you can schedule tasks, assign owners, and visualize timelines to ensure no detail is missed. Identify the impact of delays and rapidly recover from setbacks. Centralize event details in one location and share the plan out with your team to keep everyone in sync.

Event Task List with Gantt & Budget template

Want more marketing templates? Visit the Smartsheet Solution Center to get the complete list.

Project Management Templates in Other Platforms

Project Management

Project Planning

Project Execution

Project Budgeting

Lean Methodology

  • Free Lean Six Sigma Templates: Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that works to streamline business processes in an effort to increase efficiency, boost business value, and reduce wasted time and resources. Use these free templates to create Lean Six Sigma project management guides applicable to your own business needs.

Gantt Chart

Kanban Card

  • Free Kanban Card Templates: The Kanban method uses cards to indicate tasks and phases in a project, allowing teams to visualize their project from end to end. Create custom Kanban cards to ensure clear communication and increased efficiency throughout your project.


  • Free Agile Project Management Excel Templates: Agile project management is a flexible, interactive approach to ordering processes and coordinating responsibilities across teams. Leverage these free Agile Project Management templates for Excel to create powerful collaboration features linked to the Agile methodology.


  • Excel Construction Management Templates: Construction projects must be organized, structured, and detailed in their tracking due to the many stakeholders, details, and documentation involved. Automate these important processes to stay organized and ensure success throughout your construction projects.

  • Complete Construction Timeline Template Collection: Closely tracked and managed deadlines and task lists are key to delivering construction projects on time and on budget. Leverage these construction timeline templates to schedule and assess all tasks associated with commercial and residential projects.

  • Free Request for Information Templates: Collect key information from vendors and suppliers to create a short-list of potential suppliers for a project with a request for information template.

  • Free Punch List Templates: Streamline your inspection process and reduce errors with a punch list that details outstanding work items or repair needs at the end of a project.

  • Complete Collection of Free Change Order Forms and Templates: Adjust original project plans, yet maintain transparency and project timelines and scope with streamlined change order forms and templates.

  • Find the Right Construction Daily Report Template or Software: Discover the most efficient way to document on-site work completed daily at a construction site, like working hours, tasks completed, and milestones achieved, with a construction daily report template.


  • Marketing Timeline Tips and Templates: Create a comprehensive marketing timeline to help achieve marketing goals and track your progress in easy-to-read marketing timeline templates.

  • Free Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy Templates: Develop an powerful plan of action to help manage and achieve all your marketing goals with these customizable marketing plan and marketing strategy templates.

  • Free Marketing Budget Templates: Prepare a thorough cost overview of marketing activities, from advertising to public relations, to reduce risk and maintain a budget with these transparent, easy-to-use marketing budget templates.

  • Free Marketing Calendar Templates: Plan marketing timelines, set milestones, track resources, and maintain deadlines with these marketing calendar templates that offer an adequate overview of all marketing projects, from start to finish.

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